Summer is in full swing on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, home of eKhaya Bush Villa.

The Christmas season and new year brought with it some incredible rain, which has given everyone, human and wildlife alike, some respite from the heat.

All over the estate you can hear the distinctive call of woodland kingfishers and the bush is filled with a selection of baby animals, from impala lambs and zebra foals to cute “mini me” warthog piglets. Animals time their births to coincide with the arrival of the rains so that there is plenty to eat and drink, giving their babies the best chance of survival possible.

This “green” season is a wonderful time to visit here, because everything looks so amazing, with lush, verdant vegetation competing with amazing blue skies and the air alive and vibrant with the sounds of insects, frogs and birds. It’s a far cry from the dry, dusty landscape of winter and the harsh heat that builds up before the rains and shows just how important rain is to African lifecycles and how much everything depends on it.

Game drives can be a bit more challenging because the bush is so thick, but the rewards are more than worth it, seeing the dams and waterholes full and life in all its incredible glory making the most of this season of plenty. And there’s so much to do in and around Hoedspruit, from the towering peak of Mariepskop to the endless beauty of the Kruger Park, you’ll never get bored!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!