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eKhaya Bush Villa is more than just a building on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. It’s a family, and our family, like most across the world, is reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Like all of our sister lodges and tourism establishments across South Africa, eKhaya Bush Villa is going into lockdown and our team is retreating into 21 days of isolation at our respective homes.

The measures are drastic, but we are prepared to do what needs to be done to stem the spread of this terrible virus. And our little community is rallying and standing together at this difficult time. For those of you that have been our guests – keep us in your thoughts and remember the amazing times you’ve shared with us. For those yet to visit us, rest assured that like the African bush that surrounds it, eKhaya will be here, waiting for you, as soon as we are able to re-open for business. The spirit of Africa is alive and well, and is going to sustain all of us here in Hoedspruit and the Greater Kruger region.

The circumstances we find ourselves in come at a time of great change here in the Greater Kruger, as autumn is in full swing and the glorious green of summer is slowly beginning to turn brown. Our grasses have been flowering and producing the seeds that our next rainy season will germinate, and the birdlife has been feasting on the bonanza, preparing itself for the slim pickings that winter will bring. All of our wildlife is looking sleek and well-fed and is making the most of the food that is left. The waterbuck have been seen frequently around our grounds, as has a troop of gorgeous dwarf mongooses. It’s sightings like these that keep us positive as we close things down, as well as the wonderful messages of support from all of our guests and tourism colleagues. So all there is left to do, for now, is to wish you all well, tell you to stay safe wherever you are in the world and let you know that even though we will be closed for a few short weeks, we will be keeping you in touch with the amazing spirit of Africa through our social media pages and here on our website. Watch this space!

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