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Soul food at eKhaya

Onwards and upwards, as they say!

Our chefs Isobel and Combricia have a shared goal in life – to make your stay at eKhaya Bush Villa absolutely unforgettable, courtesy of the amazing food you’ll be eating!

Whether its our lavish, leisurely breakfasts featuring a range of amazing options from fresh fruit and yoghurts to freshly baked goodies and a full English ensemble or a touch of Mexican flair for lunch with our famous home-made tacos, “Izzy” and Combricia are out to impress.

You don’t even have to worry if you’re scheduled to leave before dawn on a full-day safari in the Kruger Park, because we’ve got you covered with a freshly prepared packed breakfast featuring a range of tasty wonders like home-made Scotch eggs, muffins and individual breakfast cups.

And when you get back “home” after a full day exploring the bush there’ll be an amazing braai waiting for you. A braai is a South African tradition and our own version of the universal barbecue, with a range of fabulous meat and vegetable dishes prepared over an open fire, complemented by fresh salads and our legendary “pap tert” – a marvelous concoction consisting of our traditional “pap” – maize meal – with a rich sauce of onions and tomato covering it and topped with melted cheese, like a “tert” (tart). You’ve not been to eKhaya if you haven’t tried our pap tert!

We use only the freshest ingredients in everything we prepare, and most are sourced locally – it’s the “farm to table” approach that we endorse and which helps to make our food stand out.

We’re also constantly working hard to improve and give our guests the best dining experience possible, with ongoing training, skills development and mentoring taking place on a regular basis. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

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