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Monkey business is booming!

Enjoy the thrill of being in the Greater Kruger...

Here at eKhaya Bush Villa there’s occasionally a bit of monkey business going on. Our manager Clare Wilkie-Girardin regularly on patrol making sure our little furry cousins are not up to no good. Yes, we’re talking about our resident troop of vervet monkeys, whose cheeky antics and love of play are a delight to behold but sometimes somewhat troublesome. Although they’re cute to look at and incredibly endearing, vervets are also fond of stealing our fruit and any other tempting treat they can lay their hands on from the kitchen, so we have to be constantly alert when they are around!

Thankfully, vervets go to bed at sunset, choosing nice trees to roost in, leaving us to enjoy the magic of eKhaya by night! There’s something wonderful and other-wordly about our gorgeous bush villa all lit up, surrounded by the African night and all its cacophany of sounds. It looks marvelously inviting and cozy, and now that winter is just around the corner and the evenings are growing colder, it’s lovely to have a drink around a blazing fire and just enjoy the thrill of being in the Greater Kruger, listening to the crickets and gazing at the stars, while looking forward to an amazing bush dinner!

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